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Do you have a hard time understanding your tax obligations in Germany?

Or calculations aren’t your thing?

Personal tax in Germany can be a rather complex matter due to the extensive and ever-changing legislation.

We can help you.

At Nadenau Steuerberatung we specialise in tax advice for private individuals and expats.
Individual and expat offers include:

• tax planning and advice
• tax preparation
• tax return filing

Who are we?

Nadenau Steuerberatung is a Stuttgart-based boutique tax firm run by Lotanna Nadenau.

Lotanna is an experienced German tax advisor with almost 10 years of experience in the profession.
She has worked at one of the big four accountancy firms in the field of expatriate tax services for several years.

One of the key benefits of using Nadenau Steuerberatung is its deep experience and expertise in dealing with international and expatriate tax matters.

Lotanna takes pride in her ability to explain complex German tax rules in understandable English.

nadenau steuerberatung also offers

a free initial session

to assess your specific queries and requirements.

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